TransCenter for Youth, Inc.

Shalom High School and NOVA offer a full-day academic program leading to a high school diploma for students who meet the criteria of the State of Wisconsin’s Children At Risk statute and who are not achieving academic success in the traditional schools.

El Puente High School is currently operating in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program and is open to students whose families are eligible to participate in the program.

Escuela Verde is a charter school authorized by the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee.

NOVA Tech is a non-instrumentality charter school authorized by the Milwaukee Public Schools and is designed for students interested in going into technical fields, including manufacturing and the trades.

Programs at Shalom, El Puente, and NOVA Tech are offered to students in grades 9-12, while NOVA and Escuela Verde offer programs for students in grades 7-12. Preference for attending El Puente High School is given to those who reside on Milwaukee’s south side.